Ancient Ideas Reinterpreted

Great are the Manifestations of Ra

"You never drew like other children, stick figures and the like, you always drew in 3 dimensions”

I don’t remember when I first started drawing. I can’t remember not being able to draw, although I have steadily improved over the course of my life (thankfully!) Both my parents are artists, though neither of them made their living from it. My grandmother was a maker and my grandfather took up painting at the age of 90 so I suppose it’s in the blood.

Studying Egyptology at the University of Manchester is a life long dream that informs my work. A love of the past, of archaeology and in particular, Egyptology, are themes that have never left me. Drawing on my studies, I blogged about Multi-Disciplinary Egyptology on Google+ until its closure in 2019. I've moved and archived the majority of that content to blogger where you can read it under EgyptologyMD.

My Art is usually inspired by the past, Egyptology, Archaeology and Mythology. I'm often asked 'What sort of art do you do?' It's a difficult question to answer, because basically If it's Art, I do it. While I respect the work of those who are committed to only one style, one media, one topic throughout their lives, I'm not a single interest individual. I'm always discovering new things, new techniques, new media, new ideas and new technologies to incorporate into my work along side my old favourites, so if you like to be surprised you will probably enjoy looking at my artwork.

My Portfolio consists of works in traditional media on papyrus, drawing cartridge in paint, ink and polychromos. Patterns, Art Nouveau and cute designs for the young and the young at heart, with a liberal dash of sci-fi geek for good measure. I now also design digitally as vector art because I'm a geek at heart who has always loved technology; this allows me to revisit more traditional colours and forms for increased product availablility but also to create new interpretations of traditional ideas and themes which still resonate with us today.

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Cartouche of Aakeheperure, 2019 version