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Savvy shopping tips to beat the blues posted by +Aakheperure Meret Sekhmet  In the lead up to the giving…

Savvy shopping tips to beat the blues
posted by +Aakheperure Meret Sekhmet 
In the lead up to the giving season, it might be a good time to revisit this shopping tip for getting the most out of your regional version of Zazzle

Using Zazzle's regional stores to get the best deals
Zazzle has multiple store sites serving different regions, each having its own specials, discounts and events specific to the region they serve.

For example, while the American site might offer a percentage off for Independence Day, the Canadian site might offer free shipping on orders over $35. The current offers appear in the banner above the stores. These offers are constantly changing so bookmark the site you like and visit often to fulfil your wishlist for less than you might expect, or sign up for exclusive offers and updates to get the scoop without even looking!
Smart customers save!
Simply add /aakheperure to any given address for Zazzle to find that region's version of my store.
When choosing, be sure to factor in postage, exchange rates and item availability, this can be done simply by making a cart. That is what I do!

Did you know: You can send an item directly to a friend or family member by entering their address as the "shipping address" at the checkout – no fuss shopping from the comfort of your own home!

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