Multi-Disciplinary Egyptology Resources Online

Selected online resources for Egyptology

This is a selection of online resources I have collected in the course of my studies in Egyptology at the University of Manchester.
This list represents some of the resources used by students such as myself for coursework and includes only publicly available websites.
(Some links directly to Collection Database Search pages) This is an ongoing project.

For more links and information pertaining to Multi-Disciplinary Egyptology please go to my egyptologyMD blog at Blogger.

Digs, Survey and Mission Websites

Delta Survey EES
☥ Polish archaeological mission to the Eastern Nile Delta Tell el-Farkha archaeological site
☥ Giza Ancient Egypt Research Associates [AERA]
North Abydos
Tell Edfu Project University of Chicago
Digs Compiled by Nigel Strudwick

Museums, Institutions and Digital collections


Nicholson Museum - University of Sydney


Neues Museen [Staatliche Museen Berlin]


Louvre Museum


Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest


Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Oxford

Bolton Museum

The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge University

The British Museum, London

The World Museum Liverpool


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

☥ The Brooklyn Museum

The Walters Art Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mapping Projects

The Giza Mapping Project - Oriental Institute

The Theban Mapping Project

Institutions, Blogs and Courses

Blogs and other resources

Egypt at the Manchester Museum blog
Egyptology Resources by Nigel Strudwick


University College London Digital Egypt